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We maximise returns on properties we purchase by spotting the marginal gains others miss. We transform opportunities into higher yields & margins on cost faster than anyone else, achieving the maximum possible risk-adjusted return on all of our projects. .


Preparing any property for renovations requires attention to the existing trees plants and shrubbery so that when the project is completed we know the surrounds are looking better than when we started.


Exterior renovations includewall finishes, windows, doors, architectural features, structural components of the outside walls, insulation, roof, flashings, waterproofing membranes on balconies, thefoundation and parkade structures.


Our professional design and construction experts work together under one roof, creating a seamless process that saves us time and money enhancing our profits.

About Us

Since 1991 we have been constructing custom design homes in and around the City of Campbell River.

The owner of Ferreira Ventura Properties David Ferreira has gained a great amount of knowledge after 25 years experience in the industry of Construction Technology and Home Design.

Assuring the selection of properties to be purchased to renovate are given a thorough inspection.

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Experience + Knowledge

Construction & Finance

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Steps to Profit

1 Our priority is finding a property that will lend itself to a renovation, without requiring us to overcapitalize. We target properties with obvious defects, or properties that don’t meet current tastes and fashions for living.

2 David is hands on with every project This means always planning for contingencies and checking the progress of the renovation work everyday. Keeping every transaction and piece of paper to keep track of time and dollars spent.

3 Once we know the project is complete with the "Wow" factor added we can sell the property assuring investors of a healthy profit.  

David Ferreira